CM2-Groupe de Stephanie(wēn lǎo shī) –Online study 17(For 2020-04-14 Tuesday)

三、在线展览 3D–瓷器  Online exhibition 3D–porcelain:

白色金子•东西瓷都    从景德镇到梅森瓷器大展


     White gold, East and West porcelain capital     Jingdezhen-Meissen Poreelain Exhibition

The exhibition shows the collection of high-quality porcelain from six museums of China, Germany and Japan. The types of porcelain include Jingdezhen porcelain in China, export porcelain in China, Japanese porcelain, Meissen porcelain in Germany and other high-quality porcelain. From Jingdezhen, China, and Meissen, Germany, the two birthplaces of porcelain, to reproduce the historical process of porcelain development, to outline the rich multi-cultural in the collision, exchange and integration between China and Europe over the past three hundred years, to show that porcelain from China to the world, to achieve the global sharing of Chinese wisdom.

如何看?How to watch?


  This 3D exhibition is Wechat Mini Program,you need to open it on wechat to watch it. Ms. Wen(Stephanie) will send it to students in wechat group.