The French International School of Guangzhou (EFIC) has been the only school since 1997 to offer a school curriculum in French in Guangzhou. Children are welcome from pre-K (2 years old) to grade 12. Our class size is limited to 20 students per class to ensure a more personalised teaching approach. Our school belongs to the greater AEFE network of French international schools throughout the globe. Every single accomplishment is recognised worldwide in every French school.

School life

We have a large variety of fun and educational afterschool activities every day of the school week. Our modern and comfortable campus offers learning focused infrastructure, a school bus system that covers the wider Guangzhou area, as well as a school lunch program in our canteen. Parents at our school regularly and gladly join our festive events as well as the numerous projects led by our teachers. Our school is managed by a non-profit association.



Our school offers an education system combining three languages (French, English, and Chinese) according to guidelines set out by the French Ministry of Education. Our students enjoy a stimulating multicultural environment during their entire schooling years charcterized by more than 20 differents nationalities present in our school. All of our language teachers are native speakers. Learn more about P.A.R.L.E, our language focused learning path, as well as Cambridge, our English proficiency certification program.


  1. Cycle piscine pour les élèves du CP au CE2

    10 January 08:00 - 31 March 17:00
  2. Kangourou des maths 袋鼠数学竞赛

    21 March 08:00 - 17:00
  3. Bac 法国会考

    22 March 08:00 - 17:00