1.1 Annual school tuition

School tuition will be handled in RMB. Upon request, an official Chinese invoice can be received if special requirements are met.

1.2 Scholarship

Every year, the Agency for French Education Abrad (AEFE) may grant scholarships to French families who request them. More information is available on our website or directly on the website of the French Consulate General in Guangzhou.

1.3 Annual school insurance

An annual school personal mandatory insurance is automatically subscribed for any and all students at our school. This insurance is reflected in our school tuition.

Insurance coverage:
consecutive medical expenses resulting from an accident in our school,
civil responsibility insurance (bodily harm and damages to property),
disability insurance, accident complement (teeth, glasses, …), repatriation. This insurance covers all school activities, after school activities, outings, and school trips and transfers.

Current and consecutive care for illness will not be covered by this insurance.

1.4 School supplies

Kindergarten and primary school students: all book fees are included in the school tuition.
Middle school students: all book and exam fees are included in the school tuition.

1.5 School lunch

School lunch attendance is fixed at the beginning of the year but can be changed with a signed written letter from a parent before the start of January for the second trimester and before the start of April for the third trimester.

1.6 After school activities (AES) for Wednesday afternoons

These will start from the second week of October depending on number of students and/or depending on availability. Enrolment in an AES is renewable every trimester.

These are optional and take place Wednesday afternoon from 1.30pm to 4.15pm.

Include two periods of activities:

1st activity – from 1:30 pm to 2:45 pm
2nd activity – from 15:00 to 16:15


NB: No class for the Wednesday afternoon.